What Am I?

by Dody Gibson

Often you'll find my name in the Scriptures
Both in the New and in the Old
Seldom regarded with much disfavor
But too much of me is bad I'm told

I'm likened to an abundant supply
Prosperity and blessings to the extreme
As a popular pronoun I am used
A positive expression it would seem

A source of hard questions and dishonest answers
A favorite story comes to mind
But though I'm compared to deceptive words
I'm mostly known for the other kind

I'll tell you about the ones who make me
I owe my existence to the powers that be
A proverbial expression marks their diligent zeal
And they're mentioned four times in the NJV

Once an angel told someone to eat me
The consequences were good and bad
Twice I came out of a rock
However in offerings my use was forbad

Our Savior enjoyed my substance once
No one discredits my claim to fame
Even a great prophet's need I met
Yes, even this poem contains my name

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