What Do These Things Have In Common?

  1. Moses, King Joash of Judah, Jesus
  2. Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth
  3. Pharaoh (Joseph’s), Abimelech, Nebuchadnezzar
  4. Ruth, Esther
  5. Samson, Absalom
  6. Solomon, Zerubbabel, Herod the Great
  7. Jephthah, Jairus, Zacharias (John the Baptists father), Manoah
  8. Lot, Mrs Manoah, Mary (Jesus mother), Cornelius
  9. John the Baptist, Stephan, James the Apostle
  10. Mary, Miriam, Deborah
  11. Manna, 5 loaves and 2 fishes, Elijah’s bread and water
  12. Apostles, Sons of Jacob, Adar
  13. Naomi, Ruth, Shunammite woman
  14. Cities of refuge, water pots of Cana, Leah’s sons
  15. Zelophehad, Jairus, Jephthah
  16. Child Jesus, child Manasseh, Jairus daughter
  17. Tables of stone, Aaron’s rod, Bowl of manna
  18. Daniel and his friends, winds of the earth, Elijah’s barrels of water
  19. Ishbosheth, Rehoboam
  20. David, Samson
  21. Hadasseh (Esther), Kezia (Job’s daughter), Tamar
  22. Dorcus, Deborah, Zophar (Job’s friend), Phillip
  23. Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba
  24. Zimri, Judas, King Saul, Athithophel, Samson
  25. Jacob, Esau, Thomas, Pharez, Zerah
  26. Eli, Eglon (King of Moab), Moabite army
  27. Cedar, costly stones, gold, brass
  28. James, Joses, Simon, Judas
  29. 7 years famine, 3 months before enemies, 3 days pestilence
  30. Lots wife, Uzzah, Ananias

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