Answer For 04-06

The answer is: Time

Consider each line of the puzzle:

1 That’s when time began
2 Time marks the seventh day
3-4 Time marches on sunny or cloudy
5 A valuable commodity
6 Psalm 90
7-8 The President of the USA and the fly on the wall use the same clock
9-10 Jos 10:12-14 2 Kin 20:8-11
11 Wasted time is forever lost
12 Matt 6:27 RSV
13-14 Seven days creation
Forty years in the wilderness
Three days / nights in the wilderness
15 To purchases oil and return
16 Forty years is a long time
17 Father Time
18 Time ceases to exist on Judgment Day
19-20 'Time'will tell! Great clue here!
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