What Am I?

by Dody Gibson

I had my beginnings in the day of creation
And I was important on the seventh day
Yet neither animal, mineral or vegetable
I serve in the sun or clouds of gray
My celebrated value none will deny
And who does not wish for more
Diplomats and dogs have an equal share
Which can’t be traded or kept in store
I live by laws inflexible
Exceptions in the scripture recorded but twice
I can be lost but not replaced
And never bought at any price
I’m in your favorite Bible story
Inconspicuous more or less
The five foolish virgins had not enough
And the wandering Israelites had excess
A parental figure by some I’m known
I’ll not be found in heaven or hell
So if by now my mystery remains
Perhaps only patience and time will tell

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Millstadt, IL 62260

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