What Am I?

by Dody Gibson

In the beginning the earth was created
Though my beginning was not stated
I know that God was pleased, you see
Because He made so much of me
Each living soul knows my name
And my importance non disclaim
I’m sometimes blue or sometimes red
Sometimes no color at all instead
Sometimes I’m solid or liquid or gas
At times I’m scarce sometimes en masse
A prominent character in a children’s story
God granted to me my territory
I lend support whenever needed
If my rules are strictly heeded
In boiling hot or freezing cold
I serve mankind since days of old
At times I’m bitter and sometimes sweet
But of myself no one can eat
Through found in abundance every day
But which is used a price you’ll pay
The Bible tells of my power great
And once I had cause to celebrate
I’m used in miracles in story and song
For reward and punishment in right and wrong
Once the Savior asked for me
I once touched His feet miraculously
Transgression remitted and I am there
But I am lost without a prayer
And though I’m destroyed by judgment’s decree
In heaven I’ll spend eternity

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