Who Am I?

by Dody Gibson

Though I’m referred to only twice
I still have claim to fame
My sizable record stands unchanged
No one recalls my name

My story extends far greater than me
Especially of my brothers
I know you’ve read of some of them
Of one more than the others

His name well-known by everyone
An imposing children’s story
Our massive ego and colossal pride
History will call vainglory

Our far-reaching talents, a natural gift
One brother you can’t ignore
Though I can count only twenty
He counts twenty-four

Mighty deeds above them all
But no one envieth
The thing that inspired the authors pen
The occasion of our death

Our death brought fame to another you know
A man after God’s own heart
So search your memory and use these clues
It’s an enormous way to start

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Millstadt, IL 62260

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