Answer For 08-06

The answer is the number "seven"

Gen 2:2 - Seven days of creation

Ex 25:37 - Seven branches of the candlestick

Gen 29:20 - "And the seven years seemed as a day for the love he had for her" (most romantic verse in the Bible)

Gen 41:17-24 - Seven lean cows, seven fat cows, seven lean ears, seven fat ears

Jos 6:4 - Seven priests with seven trumpets marching round the city seven times on the seventh day

Ex 12:15-17 - The feast of unleavened bread lasted seven days

Sam 16:10-11 - David had seven older brothers

2 Kin 4:32-35 - The revived child sneezed seven times

2 Kin 5:14 - Naaman dipped in the river Jordan seven times

2 Kin 11:21 - Jehoash (Joash) was seven years old

Lk 8:2 - Out of whom were cast seven devils

Acts 6:3 - Of course there were seven

Revelation 2 and 3 - It says there were seven (clue word in poem)
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