What Am I?

by Dody Gibson

What do these things have in common
Something links them one to one
So consider the list as you read this verse
And solve this riddle before you’re done

We start with the Creation in the very beginning
What a sight it we’d been there
The beautiful golden candlestick
And Jacob courting Rachel so fair

Pharaoh’s dream revealed by Joseph
The fall of Jericho disastrously
The yearly feast of unleavened bread
King David’s brothers all older than he

The child revived by the prophet Elisha
The leper Naaman again made clean
Jehoash the youngest king of Judah
Remember Mary Magdalene

Those faithful deacons in the early church
The churches in Revelation two
All the above have one thing in common
Look again to find the clue

See the answer to this puzzle.

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