Hidden Words In These Sentances

The solution is all Bible names

  1. It is the wish that eventually all will be saved.
  2. The Divine creator of all things made this world and beyond the cosmos especially for mankind.
  3. There in the road ahead, a man with leprosy stood pleading.
  4. As the eldest, he received the greater inheritance.
  5. When the prophet left Moab, the donkey he rode spoke to him.
  6. Christians friends are a blessing.
  7. The faithful will be blessed and rewarded.
  8. Museum art has featured many Bible subjects.
  9. Beyond the right path, a mansion awaits the faithful.
  10. The priesthood was a most revered position.
  11. With each faithful step he nears heavens gate.
  12. When the ancients saw a comet, it usually meant something.

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