Bible Puzzle For October 2006

by Dody Gibson

Not one but two had this complaint
Recorded that each had a bad hair day
1_______, 2_______

My visitor brought a special message
He left me speechless with nothing to say 3_______

A leader I was but not an example
A giant in stature but a coward at heart 4_______

I wrote of anxiety and mental anguish
As sheaves pressed down in an overloaded cart 5_______

Miraculously created, miraculously destroyed
This vegetation lasted not twenty-four hours 6_______

I had eight visions in just one night 7_______

Paul said this was subject to the higher powers 8_______

“Eat my words” a common expression
When handed a scroll I was told to eat 9_______

Twelve kings of beasts stood at my side
And all the world bowed at my feet 10_______

My brother wasn’t sorry for what he’d done
I’m sure he would if he were able 11_______

Seventy kings, no thumbs or great toes
Groveled for food under my table 12_______

History remembers the ten of us cowards
When a covert mission was our task 13_______

This valentine question a familiar one
Three times answered, three times ask 14_______

I crossed over water on dry land
But back again the self same day 15_______

You can’t play with fire and not get burned
A truth these discovered the hardest way 16_______&_______

Even before Saul over Israel I reigned 17_______

I lay on my side for over a year 18_______

God chose my wife though she was a harlot 19_______

The lack of my hair caused children to jeer 20_______

Though dead I sneezed seven times 21_______

Six days silent but shouting the next 22_______

Seven times he washed but not for soil 23_______

The seventh plague according to the text 24_______

With twelve yoke of oxen I tilled the land 25_______

Twelve oxen of bronze gave me support 26_______

Though discouraged when their faith was tried
These two returned with a good report

Repentant believers, pricked in their hearts 28_______

His name means small but his courage bold 29_______

A jailor by trade, an honest man 30_______

These last three asked that question of old 31_______

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