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Who are we? Nathan and Nathan

Verses 1-2

Nathan the prophet and Nathan the son of David. Both lived in the same era and resided in the same place. They would have known each other. Having God’s approval, nothing evil is said of either.

Verse 3

Nathan, the prophet, prophesied at the death of Uriah. He would have been very young on this occasion as he lived at least 60 years beyond. Nathan, David’s son, was born a few years after. This Nathan is the antecedent of Mary, the mother of Christ. (Lk 3:31)

Verse 4

Nathan, the prophet, wrote biographies of David, (I Chron 29:29) and of Solomon. (II Chron 10:29) Both of these are regrettably lost to us. The story or parable of the little ewe lamb told to David is well known to all. (II Sam 12:1-7)

Verse 5

Denouncing David in the matter of Uriah and Bathsheba and the subsequent death of their first son. Amazing that a later child bornto David and Bathsheba should carry the name, Nathan. He was the third of four sons born to this couple. The youngest, Solomon(I Chron 3:5)

Verse 6
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