Bible Puzzle For November 2006

by Dody Gibson

Who Are We?

Familiar to every Bible student
And not without our share of fame
The answer to this riddle’s not one but two
For both of us have the same name

Our paths crossed often, our lives intertwined
Caught in parallel time and place
One royal the other a man of God
We two always enjoyed His grace

One older one younger and both renown
Yet not related by family tie
In a famous genealogy one is listed
Just read your Bible to verify

The one wrote histories of two famous men
Regrettably lost years ago
But better know for his story telling
A familiar one I’m sure you know

A confrontation to one well known
Is probably my greatest claim to fame
Though the news I brought was bad indeed
He later gave his child my name

Four other namesakes you’ll find in the Scriptures
That brings the total to six in all
We two remain the most esteemed
What is our name? Do you recall?

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