Her Price Is Far Above Rubies

by Dody Gibson

No sister attended ladies Bible classes long before having a lesson on Proverbs 31. The Virtuous Woman is a paragon we should all emulate. This timeless advice is invaluable and will continue to benefit those who search for the knowledge that leads to improvement.

Some time ago I began looking at this chapter from another perspective. A comment by a Christian sister that "no woman could be that perfect" made me think a little deeper. Perhaps there is a duel application, a parallel lesson to be gained. From a spiritual concept, we might see the main character as the bride of Christ, the church.

Her price is far above rubies. The dowry Christ paid for his bride was His life. An amount unexcelled, the pearl of great value. He trusts in the church to do Him faithful service, working with her hands in a labor of love.

She brings her food from afar. Yes, the church is fed by spiritual food and the source is as far away as Heaven and she rises early to meet the needs of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

A mission field is considered and the seeds of the kingdom are sown. Her loins are girded and her arms are strengthened in preparation for the labor required.

The church perceives that the labor is good in a self-evaluation and works diligently day and night that the eternal flame is not extinguished. Personal efforts of Christians extend their hands to all those who are spiritually in need.

The household is well cared for, giving priority to the family members, making sure they are prepared for the evil times, temptation and persecution, which has and shall surely come again.

She is clothed with tapestry, silk and purple. The church is to "put on Christ" and His bride is well attired, clothed in the purest linen.

Her husband is known in the gates. Certainly Christ is world renown. The Divine Word, the Bible, is the number one best seller of all time, in a class by itself. And this world is "turned upside down" by its message.

Items of great value are sold to merchants. The Christian influence goes far beyond its borders, a strong church, honoring God and rejoicing in her future goals. The product she offers is priceless.

From her mouth comes words of wisdom given by our Lord Himself and she delivers it with kindness and meekness.

The church is a working body and its tireless members call her blessed. Our Savior also praises the church, His bride, whom He loves and for whom He died. Many daughters have done well but she excellest them all for she is not led astray by vanity or personal favor. The church is irreproachable, exemplary and the record will prove her in that last great day.

Complete these verses:

  1. Just as Christ also loved the church and:
  2. And He is the head of the body:
  3. That He might present it to Himself a glorious church:
  4. For I am jealous for you with godly jealously. For I have betrothed you to one husband:
  5. Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared:


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  5. Rev. 21:2

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