Counting The Cost

by Dody Gibson

A maid was approached with that age-old request
By a handsome youth, charming and bold
Words well chosen, his manner smooth
Few have resisted I'm told

He said those things she loved to hear
From his lips flowed sweetness, honey and rhyme
He promised the moon He promised the world
If only their hearts entwine

Sir, I'm flattered that you should ask
Her response came prompt without delay
To say I’m not tempted would be dishonest
But the price is too much to pay

You ask I sacrifice reputation
I presume that your's is already lost
But while this choice is still mine to make
I’ll stop and weigh the cost

Moral virtue is the greatest gift
To give someday to my future mate
But you've not talked of marriage plans
Or set a wedding date

Consequences of this one act
Could greatly change my plans for life
A poor example for all I love
And giving birth to strife

You promised the moon You promised the world
Not yours to give the part the whole
Would require if accepted my greatest possession
My soul! My Soul! My soul!
Millstadt, IL 62260

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