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Hallmark Cards hired Dody Gibson during her senior year of high school for a position in their Creative Design Department. She worked there for twelve years and then retired to raise three children.

For all her Christian life she has taught Bible classes and for the last thirty or more years has taught ladies classes, sometimes combining more than one congregation, often creating her own material and artwork for the studies.

Her cartoon series, Worldly Wise, which teaches lessons from a negative viewpoint, has been published many times. There is a collection of Biblical puzzles in rhyme, intended to challenge the more mature student which have also been published. She has a collection of artwork, The Good News Illustrated, to be used in bulletins, meeting announcements and other Bible material. And over 100 of her poems on sacred themes have appeared in magazines, bulletins and other religious publications. Her most extensive work is a novel based on the life of the Joseph of the Old Testament. Probably the more challenging is a study on divorce and remarriage.

She writes regularly for two women's magazines, The Weaker Vessel, published by Vessel Publishing (Russellville, Alabama) and now available on the internet. The other is Sarah's Seed, published by Sarah Bowman (Willcox, Arizona).

Dody has been a Christian for 60 years. The Lord's work is her first love and it is her desire to make a contribution.
Millstadt, IL 62260

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