You've Got Mail

by Dody Gibson

I suppose that if you are a part of the computer generation, the first thing you do in the morning is to switch it on. Then after a few necessary things and pouring a cup of coffee, you sit down to check the weather bug and see who else is online.

Yes, we live in a very technological world. We can play games with a friend in another state and fax a letter to someone in another country instantly.

It is well known that received emails are not always desirable. We learn to sort them out, deleting the spam and with experience, (sometimes acquired the hard way) carefully erasing the evil virus from our computer without any harm to our equipment.

Perhaps if we looked at some of the lessons in the Bible from this standpoint, it might be more enlightening. Let’s look at Ephesians, chapter four, as though it was incoming messages.

Just as we receive computer information daily from different sources, our mental computers are fed from various points of origin also. And like our email, we learn to avoid the questionable addresses. Practice lets us know that they are not so easily recognizable as well as

We should delete the old man of sin and to reprogram the spirit of our mind. Lying is to be erased and speaking the truth should be saved in a permanent file. Bitterness, wrath and evil conversation should be deleted and kindness, tenderheartedness and forgiveness should be forwarded to everyone we know. Temptation is a terrible virus and there is no protection from it. Everyone in the literal World Wide Web is subject. It must be respected for the lasting damage it can cause. Yes, our whole system could crash! Let not the sun go down without deleting this type of incoming messages.

We must remember that outgoing email should not be filled with evil communication but only those things necessary for edification that it may impart a blessing to those who receive it and not grieve the Holy Spirit who inspired it.

Ephesians 4:22-32
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