Job's Wife

by Dody Gibson

The book of Job is most probably the oldest of all the Sacred Writings. It answers the question that while good things happen to wicked men, misfortune also comes to godly men. This book records a contest between Satan and Job, which is permitted, but controlled by God. The Scripture confirms this for God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear (1 Cor 10:13).

Satan went about his evil mission with a vengeance. In one day Job lost all his material wealth and his ten children. Four of his servants arrived consecutively with the news that marauding bands had stolen all his oxen and camels, killing his servants with the sword and fire or probably lightening from heaven had destroyed his sheep and also the house where his children were celebrating the birthday of the eldest brother. All were dead.

His grief was very great. But Satan was not satisfied so God allowed him to continue to the point of taking Job’s life. Satan smote him with sore boils from head to foot. A doctor friend stated that from the description of the symptoms, it could be Shingles. This is a virus that will invade the root of the brain or spinal cord and produces intense knifelike pain. It causes a rash in the form of blisters that are itchy, becoming encrusted and will leave scars. Usually taking place on one side of the body but in Job’s affliction it affected the entirety.

Thus Job had suffered financial loss, emotional pain and physical suffering to the degree most never have or will ever know.

There was only one thing left, mental abuse. This came from his closest friends who began to accuse him falsely of some unforgivable, unrepented sin, which was deserving of this punishment from God.

Last of all, Job’s wife turned against him and advised him to do exactly as Satan had said he would do, “Curse God and die.” These two verses in Job 2:9-10, are the only place where Mrs Job is mentioned in the story. Two other brief references are in Job 19:17; 31:10.

Rachel told Jacob, “Give me children or else I die.” She had children and died in childbirth. No one threatens God and lives. We will always wonder what happened to Job’s wife.

Consider, however, that this woman had raised 10 children, 7 sons and 3 daughters to adulthood. This would be a goodly number for any one woman. It took 4 women to present Jacob with 13 children, 12 sons and 1 daughter.

At the end of Job’s life, God blessed him with double his earthly wealth and with 10 more children. No woman in the Bible had 20 children. So, though not recorded, Job most probably lost his first wife and it was the new Mrs. Job that gave him 10 more children, 7 sons and 3 daughters. And remember, these children did not physically resemble the first family.

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