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by Dody Gibson

A lot of optimism is going around lately. They say the war is over and the soldiers should come home. Most go on about their daily routine as though all is back to normal. Those who are observant tell us that there are many engagements with the enemy and yes, death still takes place daily. We have the best and most advanced weapons available and we still suffer loses. The enemy is covert and very clever. He can walk amid the townspeople unrecognized. Warnings are recorded and posted for all to see. It sometimes makes house-to-house searches necessary. They tell us that mass graves have been found. It is surely a wake-up call for those who want a better world. The terrorists may be in hiding but they will most certainly strike again and when we are least expecting it. The Iraqi war? No I am talking about the battle a Christian soldier fights daily.
Millstadt, IL 62260

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