Popular Viewpoint

by Dody Gibson

Lord, we need to have a little talk. Did you know I had to provide for my family when you required me to be in services every Sunday? It's alright for others but you really should have made an exception for special people like me. Perhaps it was an oversight on your part. And Lord, about the contribution, the economy is very tight right now. Don't you have a budget committee up there to advise you about these things? Just put the bite on those others with the big money. Now I hope you don't expect me to go around advertising my religion. It puts me in a minority group and that's just not politically correct. And another thing, these incessant demands on my talents are strangling me. Does this make sense Lord, when a couple of others are getting the necessary things done? This doesn't look good on your part when my ulcer acts up. I know you are trying to do the best you can but a lot of things need fixing down here. The way it is now Lord, I don't think very many people will be going to heaven!

Millstadt, IL 62260

It is not a new concept to blame God for our own shortcomings. Adam said, "Lord, it was the woman thou gavest to me." Putting the blame on the gift and the giver. (Gen 3:12)

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